The Dynamo

The Dynamo

College Growth Mindset:

Learn by doing
Hands-on | Driven | Practical | Purposeful

As a Dynamo, you love learning by doing. Whether through a part-time job or internship, you value seeing how your skills will transfer to your next endeavor. Everything you do has a purpose and will ultimately benefit your future. You prefer classes where you will learn skills that will make you employable.

Most likely to

Have a side hustle.


Self-starter. Goal-oriented. Motivated. Career-focused. Committed.

Support Opportunities

Connect with your academic advisor to understand the classes you need to graduate.

Join clubs and organizations to make friends and gain experiences for employment.

Visit your school's tutoring center. Earning "A" and "B" grades will open doors to internships and future job opportunities.

  19% of students are Dynamos  

Top Priorities for Choosing a College

  • Make sure the college offers majors that match your career goals.
  • Think about the environment you’d like to live in. Do you prefer a busy urban campus close to internship opportunities or a more small-town feel? Do you want to be close to home, or are you cool with traveling farther away?
  • Get a feel for campus life and see if it matches your values and interests. Check out colleges with a diverse student body and a welcoming campus culture.
  • Look for colleges with lots of extracurricular activities and clubs you can join.
  • Think about the cost. Review your financial aid package and create a plan for paying for college.
  • Research what career services each college offers. Look at each college's graduation rates, job placement opportunities, and what companies hired graduates.

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Questions You Should Ask on Your College Tour

  • What cool, hands-on learning opportunities or projects can I get involved in, like research or service projects?
  • Is there anywhere on campus where I can do research or a department that can help me find an internship?
  • Does the university support student-led projects? Where can I learn about students who are leading projects on campus?
  • Are there any majors or classes with fieldwork or hands-on learning?
  • Do you offer internships or co-ops with local and national businesses?

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Tips for the Best College Experience

  • Search for hands-on experiences that look good on your resume, like internships and volunteering.
  • Find an affordable college with strong academic programs.
  • Make sure the school offers a career services department that helps you find a job after graduation.
  • Look at programs in the sciences, engineering, healthcare, and fields that value practical skills.
  • Look for opportunities to use what you learn in a job or internship.

Questions to Ask Your School Counselor

  • What kinds of hands-on learning experiences do different colleges offer, and how do I learn more about them?
  • What colleges have cool places or resources for hands-on learning, like maker spaces or innovation labs?
  • Are there any colleges where my talents could make an impact and I could lead my own projects?
  • What classes do I need to take to be ready for college?
  • What scholarships should I apply for?
  • When do I need to fill out my FAFSA?
  • Are there any colleges I haven't thought of that you think would be a good fit for me?

Remember, your high school counselor can help you navigate the college search process and guide you to a college that's perfect for you! Don't be afraid to ask questions and explore your interests! Need more ideas? Check out 5 Questions to Ask Your Counselor about College.

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