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About Encourage

Hi! We’re Encourage.

For the past 50 years we have been evolving our products and services to better represent the link between students and their postsecondary options. Our goal is to create the highest probability of student success.

We believe there is a new narrative. We trust the youthful spark of curiosity toward career discovery will catapult our world forward. We envision a world where learners of all ages embrace the career exploration journey to be able to make better and more purposeful decisions about their futures. Curiosity sparks self-exploration and growth. Curiosity is the catalyst that will empower students to take charge of what comes next.

Encourage gives students and their families the ability to navigate the nuances of college decision-making—enabling school counselors and school-based mentors to guide better prepared students on their postsecondary journeys. Encourage is the holistic exploration and planning resource that empowers students to understand their post-high school choices and helps them make informed decisions on their journeys.

We are part of the Encoura® family, with an ACT® connection.

Encoura is an educational data science and research organization whose mission is to empower students and institutions to create meaningful connections so everyone can make the most informed decisions to achieve their goals.

Encoura was acquired in 2018 by ACT, the nonprofit testing organization that shares many of our goals and values. The acquisition advances ACT’s mission of helping people achieve education and workplace success. Despite our affiliation with ACT, Encourage is an independent application. We do not promote the ACT or any college entrance exam to our users.

Equipped with more than 100 combined years of experience of research and reach, our missions are aligned in building dynamic content, tools and technology, enabling all stakeholders to take action to understand and do their parts to create a better world.

Guidance Counselor
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