Personalize Your Journey

Career Exploration &
College/University Comparison Tool

Step-by-Step College & Career Prep Customized to You

Encourage will help you define your goals, outline your personal journey, set milestones, and prepare for success after high school—all at no cost! The app provides personalized, step-by-step guidance as you work to reach each goal.

  • Prepare: We’ll help you consider what you want to do after high school as you build skills to take with you into your career.

  • Discover: Discover opportunities based on the future you want. Build your college wish list, research colleges that match you, learn more about majors and careers, and prepare for the college application process.

  • Apply: Be informed and organized as you complete your college applications. Begin applications, start your college essays, decide who to ask for recommendations, and complete the application process.

  • Finance: Learn how to make college affordable. Explore and compare costs, learn about and submit the FAFSA, apply for scholarships, and more.

  • Transition: Stay on track for the next step after high school. Compare colleges by major, decide on a college or university, and get advice about transitioning from high school to college.

How Does the App Keep Me on Track to Meet Deadlines?

The Journey section of the app has Prepare, Discover, Apply, Finance, and Transition buttons. When you tap one, you’ll find lists of what to do each semester from seventh grade to senior year. For each year in school, you’ll see a comprehensive checklist of tasks to complete to move forward.​

Will the app help me compare my college options?

Absolutely! The app shows you which colleges meet your unique criteria for a major, geographic location, school size, lifestyle, and more. This allows you to read about each one and compare schools by cost, major areas of study, admission/acceptance rates, student body diversity and application dates. We want to help you build a balanced list of colleges. Take control of your future today with a free Encourage account.