myOptions Encourage Helps You Do More for Students

How myOptions Encourage Supports Your Work

Use the myOptions Encourage program to streamline college and career planning and to extend ongoing student support beyond 1:1 meetings for free.

Students receive our college and career planning app, Encourage, which gives them a safe place to explore the possibilities for life after high school and gives them the guidance and steps to get there.

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Take a look at the examples below to see how myOptions Encourage can support your students and your work on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.

Make the most of 1:1 meetings


Student College Match & Scholarship Reports

With an educator account, you can access individual reports for each student that has connected with you. Review the report before meeting 1-on-1 with students to make the most of your time together.

  • Inform students about the scholarship deadlines from their plan.
  • Reflect with students about colleges that aren’t currently on their lists but could be an ideal fit for their futures.


College & Career Planning Lesson Plans

Encourage has a number of free lesson plans to help you structure the big conversations about college and career.

  • Use a lesson plan to infuse college and career planning into small groups and classes.
  • Start with Lesson 1 and go in order, or mix and match lessons to meet your needs.

Download Encourage Lesson Plans

Image of Career Exploration Worksheet from Encourage® Lesson Plans
Image of College Planning Dashboard


View Aggregate Data Reports

Encourage helps you take a step back and understand the bigger picture.

  • Discover insights from aggregate reports of your students' majors of interest and college characteristics.
  • Identify additional education opportunities if there are gaps in student interest in specific programs or schools.

As Needed

Invite Students to Join Encourage

You can use the program with all your students or just a select group—it's your choice!

  • With the educator account, you can easily invite students to connect through the Encourage app with a link or QR code.
  • Once students are connected to you, you will receive information about their college and scholarship matches.
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Support Your Actions Throughout the School Year

With the myOptions Encourage program, educators and students receive accounts and ongoing email newsletters supporting them throughout the year. Here is just a sample of the ways myOptions Encourage provides support!

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Educators know which colleges to call for the College Fair based on aggregate reports.

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Help students build a college list with college matches from Encourage.

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Students can track upcoming college application needs and learn about application fee waivers in Encourage.

Finances Icon


Encourage guides students through financial aid basics.

Quiz Icon


Encourage provides students with study habit tips and test prep resources.

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Use career interests to inform course selection and scheduling for students.

Planning Icon


Encourage can help students look ahead to summer with programs and internships.

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Use our ready-made lesson plans to get juniors thinking about their future.

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Encourage can help students interpret financial aid letters and understand appeals.

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Supplement senior exit surveys with college and career planning reports.

Ready for more college and career planning support?

Request an Educator Account

Getting started with myOptions Encourage is easy - simply request an educator account using the form below.

Once you have an account, you’ll be able to invite your students to the Encourage app with just one click. As your students complete their profiles and connect to you, you’ll be able to access reports.