Frequently Asked Questions – myOptions

  • If I already have a myOptions account, can I use Encourage?  ​
    • Yep! You can use the same email address you use to access myOptions to activate your Encourage account. Enter your email, answer a couple questions to make sure you’re the right person, and you’re on your way. Most of your profile information and preferences will be automatically moved to Encourage, and you can always update anything about yourself in the app after that.
  • When I activate my Encourage account, will my colleges and scholarships from myOptions be retained?
    • Yes, for the most part. Any colleges you saved in myOptions will appear in your saved colleges in Encourage, and your college and scholarship matches will remain the same. Of course, any time you update your profile and preferences, you’ll get new matches, just like in myOptions!
  • I’m not sure what email address I used for myOptions. Can I still create an Encourage account?
    • Absolutely! If our Encourage app recognizes that your email is already in our system as a previous myOptions student, you will be able to activate your Encourage account with that same email address. If it doesn’t recognize the email, you can try a different email address, or simply create a new account with your preferred email address.
  • I used myOptions in the past, but I would like to start fresh and create a new account in Encourage. Is that ok?
    • Yep, just make sure to use a different email address than the one you used for myOptions. If you want to use the same email address you were using in myOptions, you will need to activate your Encourage account with that email, then update any profile information that is no longer accurate.
  • Can I activate my existing myOptions account in Encourage, and then change my email address?
    • Yes, just go to the Settings widget in the Profile section of the app, and you’ll be able to change your email address for your Encourage account.
  • After activating my Encourage account, will I still be able to access myOptions?
    • Yes, for a little while. Eventually, the myOptions app will be retired, and you’ll have everything you need right in the Encourage app.
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