Ways to Avoid Summer Brain Drain

Summer is meant to recharge and unwind, obviously. But we have to keep it real, you run the risk of catching what we call the “Summer Brain Drain” by not exercising your mind while you’re out of school. Keep reading to see how many items you’ve accomplished this summer.

Dive into a good book

You probably already know, reading is one of the best ways for you to keep your brain sharp. During the school year, reading is part of your daily to-do list, but in summer – it’s easy to forget – we get it. Just be mindful to schedule some time before bed or first thing in the morning to read (even if it’s just 10 minutes at a time).

Go to summer camp

Summer camps are an awesome way to stay interactive with your peers, make new friends, learn some new skills, and keep you from being bored! Consider volunteering or becoming a camp counselor as a resume booster!

Stay moving!

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Make it fun and find some friends to hike or kayak with. Note to self: walking is good for the soul.

Schedule a weekly game night

Board games designed to help you sharpen your problem solving skills, discover patterns, and reach goals. They also help to prevent you from feeling foggy when coming back to school in the fall.

Take a break from technology

Reset and spend time making connections with family and friends without a screen in front of your face. You can set limits on your phone for screen time and monitor it in your settings. 

Practice journaling

Literally about anything. What made you happy that day, a cool thing you learned, a letter to your future self. Have something good? Share it with us on IG! @encourage_app

Visit museums

So much to learn. And an ideal instagram-worthy moment.

Go on tours

Ever wonder how orange juice is made? There’s a tour for that. Whether it’s an orange juice factory or a glassblowing studio, take advantage! They’re typically very affordable and can offer a perspective on how things are made!

States and national parks

Hiking, chilling, photography – whatever! You can hit up your local parks to experience a mind-soothing outdoor sesh.  Don’t forget comfy shoes, water and a buddy!

Go camping

Ah, nature. Learn to start a fire or pitch a tent and connect with family and friends. Don’t forget your bug spray!

Plant a garden

By planting a garden, you have the chance to learn about nutrition and general green thumb lifehacks. Your future plant-parent self will thank you.

Make a bucket list 

Create a photo journal of your activities with a polaroid cameras and make a scrapbook of all your adventures!