Susana @ Siena College

Meet Susana, an English major at Siena College in Loudonville, NY. She previously attended Port Chester High School.

What factors were most important when you decided to go to your school?

I knew I wanted to go to a small school where I would be able to really get involved and have a chance to impact the community. Siena’s student body is super unique in that it has a really strong community feel. It’s impossible to not feel at home there.

In high school, I wish I could have…

Joined clubs outside of the ones my main group of friends were involved in. I would have loved to have joined a sports team or a club that would have given me background experience in the fields I plan on pursuing after college. 

How would you characterize your school?

Mainstream, Sporty, Conservative, Outdoorsy

What types of clubs, activities, sports, and jobs are you involved with on campus?

Her Campus Siena; our chapter just launched this year! Her Campus is an online magazine network featuring articles about college life through the “collegiate” perspective. It’s basically Buzzfeed, but school specific. I edit content, co-run our Twitter page, and contribute content.

The Promethean School newspaper. (the oldest club on campus). I contribute articles for the opinion and entertainment section.

Close Knit Communities. This is a new club on campus founded by myself and 3 friends after our week long service trip at the St. Francis Inn in Philadelphia. Basically, we had no TV and one of the girls was learning to knit, so we all ended up learning that week! The goal of Close Knit Communities is to knit scarves and hats to donate to the needy, as well as providing downtime for our busy weeks. I am treasurer.

Office Assistant at Siena College’s Office of the President. Probably the best job on campus simply because I get to interact with President Br. Ed Coughlin! As an office assistant I answer phone calls, greet guests, do light office maintenance, and special projects. It’s pretty cool because I get some insider info from time to time!

Work Study at the Office of the Chaplain. Siena is a Franciscan school, so spirituality is an important presence on campus. As a work study student I mainly help organize materials for music ministry but also design fliers and pamphlets for our events and promotions.

Three things you won’t read in Siena College’s brochure:

  1. At Siena, we hold doors open for each other. This is the quintessential “Siena thing.” 
  2. Leave your shorts and sundresses at home because you will get about three weeks of wear out of them for the entire year. It will always be too cold and rainy (especially on weekends). Siena weather takes the challenge of looking cute on the weekends to a whole new level.
  3. Don’t hesitate to try new things because you are likely to know at least one person.

Best on-campus event:

Sienafest, for sure. This is a weekend long event before finals start. There are tons of fun events (this year we had carnival games and rides), people laying around all day on the quads, and free food until the wee hours of the morning. The weekend always ends with an on-campus concert.

Favorite class:

The City and American Literature.

Favorite dining hall meal:

My favorite dining hall meal is an omelette for breakfast! My usual is turkey, spinach, broccoli, and mushrooms with egg whites and mixed cheese. 

Favorite place to eat out around campus:

Chili’s! (bottomless chips and queso) or Burger21

How did you spend your last summer?

Working, working, working!

It’s 3am on a Saturday. What are you doing?

Probably eating Domino’s in a friend’s room after a night out. 

It’s finals week and the libraries are packed. Where do you go to study?

I hate to give out my secret spot but…second floor of Kiernan Hall. English, Classics, and History majors practically live in this building but even they don’t spend too much time on the top floor. It’s super quiet, there are comfy arm chairs, tables scattered about, white boards, and decorative plants! Because the entire floor is comprised of offices, there is the added bonus of seeing your professors. (And they may even help you on the assignment you’re working on for their class!) My favorite spot is the table by the window that overlooks the balcony. Pro tip: make sure electronics are fully charged because outlets on this floor are found in really inconvenient places.

Before I graduate Siena College, I want to…

Study abroad in Italy. (Which I will be doing next semester!)