5 Tips For When You’re Struggling in Class

Classes don’t always go as planned. Sometimes you fall behind in your reading or get stuck on a tough math concept. If you’re struggling with any of your classes, here are some tips to help you turn your grade around!

1. Ask for help

Meet with your teacher and let them know you are struggling in class. Since they give the exams, they likely have some helpful insight you can use on test day. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you don’t know what to ask, here are some ideas. 

  • How can I prepare for future tests? 
  • Do you offer extra help outside of class? 
  • Do you have any recommendations for tutoring? 

Show your professor your class notes. They can tell you if you’re focusing on the relevant information or if you’re stuck in the details.

Get help from your classmates. Start a study group or ask if they can spend a couple of minutes explaining a specific concept to you. If your class has a teacher’s assistant, ask them for help. Check around. Most schools offer extra support when you’re struggling in a class.

2. Evaluate your priorities

If school isn’t a priority, consider moving it higher on the list of priorities. We understand life happens and schedules get busy, but you shouldn’t ditch your schoolwork. Remind yourself of your future goals and why prioritizing school now will help you reach them.

3. Learn from your failures

Review the mistakes you made on your last exam. Read the comments on your graded essays. Identifying where you made mistakes will help you understand the material better the next time you take a test. Reviewing what you did wrong feel disheartening, but look at it as a learning experience! Instead of dwelling on the mistakes, use them as a way to improve.

4. Put in the extra effort

Not all teachers offer extra credit, but if they do, take advantage of it! Not only will the points combat a bad grade on a major test or assignment, but your teacher will see that you are serious about succeeding in their class.

5. Don’t give up

Abandoning hope will keep you from succeeding. Continue working hard, and don’t give up! Even if you don’t get the grade you wanted, you will know you did your very best. If a professor sees your extra effort, they might even give you the boost you need to pass the class.

While it’s completely normal to struggle in your classes, help is available. If you’re having a hard time in more than one class, you may need to drop an extracurricular activity or evaluate your priorities. Try not to stress. Eventually, you’ll find a balance that is right for you!