Sending Your Scores for College Credit

It’s official! You’ve made your college decision, and now you are preparing for college in the fall. If you participated in AP courses or dual enrollment, it’s important to make sure your chosen college gets your scores and college grades. That way, you receive college credit for all your hard work. Here’s a guide to sending your AP scores and dual enrollment credits.

AP Scores

When Should You Send Them?

Most students will submit their AP scores during the summer before freshman year. Schools may differ in their deadlines, so be sure to contact your college to learn more about submitting your AP scores. AP scores are typically available to view in the July following taking the test. It is also a good idea to know the tests you took and the scores earned when you attend orientation. This will help your advisor get you scheduled for classes in the event that scores have not been processed by the college at that time.

How Do You Send Them?

Use your AP ID to access your scores, unless you took AP Exams before 2019. Prior to 2019, you would have been assigned a different AP number for each year you took AP exams. In the 2019-2020 school year, AP students received a permanent AP ID instead. When you try to access older scores before this change, you will need your AP number and and the year you tested with that number. If you did not select to have them automatically sent to the college of your choice, you will want to send them. To learn more, visit College Board’s website directly and check out their Frequently Asked Questions.

Dual Enrollment Transcripts

When Should You Send Them?

Similar to AP scores, you should send your dual enrollment transcripts to your college after making your college decision. If you are still currently attending classes counting towards dual enrollment, you will just have to submit them after your high school graduation.

How Should You Send Them

In addition to sending your high school transcript, it will be important to send the transcript from any college you took credit from in high school. You can typically request and send college transcripts online through the Registrar’s Office for a small fee.

You may also want to contact your chosen college to learn more about their requirements around submitting your dual enrollment transcripts. They can help you understand which credits can be put towards your major or general education requirements.

We hope these tips assist you in submitting your AP scores and dual enrollment transcripts. You worked hard earning those college credits, so it’s important to make sure they count towards your college degree!