Rooming with Your Best Friend: Pro’s and Cons

It’s a dream come true. You and your best friend are not only attending the same college, but you are rooming together. You can see it now: coordinating dorm decorations and endless nights of laughter and mischief. What could possibly go wrong? Well, here are some pros and cons to consider before you commit to that cramped shoebox dorm with your high school best friend.

Pro: You already know each other

You can skip that whole first step of uncomfortable small talk, first impressions, and playing those awkward name games. 

Con: You could miss out on making new friends

By choosing to room with your best friend, you may be preventing yourself from starting fresh and having new experiences with different people. It’s good to be in touch with people you know, but be sure to remain open to others as well.

Pro: You have the opportunity to grow even closer than you were before

Moving in with your best friend creates a bond that will likely result in late-night deep conversations, light-hearted inside jokes, and a newfound level of comfort.

Con: Just because you are compatible as friends, doesn’t necessarily mean you are compatible as roommates

Various factors added to your relationship may create tension including splitting up space, negotiating chores, and remaining aware of each other’s feelings.

Pro: It’s comforting to have a familiar face in an overall intimidating situation

Having a friend assist in your transition could be extremely helpful in making college feel a little more like home.

Con: Because you do everything together, it may be challenging to find time apart

Everyone needs alone time, but if the desire to be apart isn’t communicated properly, this could result in some misunderstandings.

Pro: Doubling your wardrobe

Assuming you and your roommate are similar in size, searching for the perfect outfit was just made so much easier.

Con: Unfortunately, sharing can be a double-edged sword

It’s easy to cross boundaries if you don’t set some ground rules. Over-sharing, damaged clothing, or unreturned items would cause conflict amongst any pair of roommates. You and your best friend are not exempt from that.

Pro: You get to come home to your favorite human being

Whether you need a heart-to-heart, Netflix binge, or spontaneous dance party, you will always have your partner in crime by your side.

Con: Confrontation may be awkward

Because you and your best friend are so close, it’s strenuous to have to bring up problems without worrying about how it will affect your friendship.

Now it’s time for you to weigh the pros and cons for yourself! Perhaps it would be a good idea to have an honest conversation with your best friend about the roommate role and how you would like that to play into your college experience. If you are someone who needs a little taste of home to feel more comfortable, it may be a better idea for you to room with your best friend as opposed to a student craving new experiences. Different arrangements work for different people, so the rest is up to you!