Take Control of Your Time and Achieve Your Goals

Planning the future with a friend

It can be tough to be proactive when you’re used to putting things off until the last minute. Here are a few tips to help you boost your productivity.

Anticipate Obstacles

While it’s important to stay positive and focused, it’s also important to be realistic and anticipate obstacles. Consider patterns from your past that can reappear and daily routines that may impact your goals. For example, if you want to get better grades but you watch TV late at night instead of studying, you might want to change your routine.

When you think of these patterns ahead of time, you can develop strategies for overcoming the challenges and staying on track.

Plan It Out

Use a planner or vision board, or find a buddy to keep you accountable. Write out your challenges and brainstorm ways to overcome them. Think about your actions as chain reactions, one decision linked to another. Write out your plan based on the outcome you hope to achieve. 

Take Initiative

Procrastination is the opposite of being proactive. Start putting in the work now. Believe in your influence and acknowledge your power to achieve your goals.

Take Time to Reflect

Every so often, reflect on your progress. Reevaluate your goals if you aren’t reaching them. Note the strategies that worked and didn’t work. Be honest with yourself. Find what works best for you, and you’ll discover your recipe for success.