7 Ways to Impress Colleges and Employers

Colleges and employers want to know you’re driven, well-rounded and have skills that will help improve the world around you. Whether you’re just starting to think about your future or it’s staring you in the face, here are some ways to impress colleges and employers and show them your strong character and determination.

Join (and ultimately lead) clubs that interest you.

Hit up activity fairs or check out online groups that fit your interests. Are you interested in a service-oriented group or academic club? Maybe you like media or identity-based organizations. Your options are endless! When you join clubs and social groups, you can make new friends, explore your interests, and get inspired beyond the classroom. Plus, on paper, it shows colleges and employers you’re a team player and care about the community.

Join a sports team. 

When you’re part of a sports team, you’ll not only improve your game and get lots of exercise, you’ll learn about teamwork and perseverance. Not very sporty? There’s a game out there for everyone. Did you know that e-sports is getting a lot of collegiate attention?

Snag a part-time gig. 

Whether you’re looking to earn some cash or gain work experience, part-time jobs are golden opportunities to demonstrate your ability to manage time, take direction, and communicate effectively. Plus, working is a great way to figure out what you’d like to do after you finish school.

Give back with community service.

Service-based clubs and organizations are everywhere! Not only are you enriching the lives of those around you, but you are also providing solid evidence of your ability to be an upstanding member of society. 

Rule the student government.

Joining student government brings lots of perks. First, you have a say in important decisions that affect your school and classmates. Second, it’s a chance to demonstrate your leadership abilities, goal-setting, and negotiation skills.

Embark on a study-abroad adventure.

Craving an adventure? Look into study abroad programs for high school students! It’s an incredible opportunity to soak up a different culture, demonstrate your ability to work with people who are different from you, and connect with global perspectives. There are a lot of scholarships and programs available for students who may not have the immediate funds to sponsor their travels! 

Be a trailblazer, and start an organization.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Start your own club! Swing by your school counseling office to learn how to create a brand-new organization at your school. You’ll need a crew to join your mission, but starting something from scratch leaves a legendary legacy and shows your creativity and leadership.