How to Pick a Career (That Makes Sense For YOU)

It’s easy to let the world tell you who you should be and how you should get there. Thankfully, it’s not up to the world. It’s up to YOU!

The only way you know if a career is for you is by researching, asking the right questions, and getting your hands dirty. Try out some career options, take a part-time position at a company that interests you, apply for an internship, or shadow a professional. 

Picking a career path takes time. Use these questions to help you evaluate your top career options, so you can choose a career that makes the most sense for you!

What are the pros & cons about this career choice?

While every career has pros and cons, evaluate them based on your core values. Do the positives feel like wins? Do they outweigh the negatives? Evaluate the pros and cons from your perspective, not from the perspectives of the people around you. You’re going to find more joy in the career you choose.

Is there a work/life balance?

You will spend a HUGE chunk of your week at work, but work shouldn’t be your whole life. How much personal time do you need? You’ll be happier in a career with a work/life balance that matches your needs.

What does your schedule look like?

Many careers don’t fit into your typical 9-5 workday. For example, nurses and firefighters don’t always work an eight-hour shift. As you consider your career choices, what hours would you like to work. Does that schedule align with the lifestyle you hope to achieve?

Is location important?

Think about where you want to live. Some careers are only available in larger cities, while others can be found anywhere. You may even have the option to work remotely. Then you can live wherever you want!

What are the educational requirements?

Most careers require training and/or education. Consider your time and money as an investment into your future. Will this investment help pay the bills AND make you happy? If your career choice requires a college education, will your future salary allow you to pay any school debt in a reasonable amount of time?

As you’re exploring your options, it’s important to remember what’s important to you. It’s also normal to change careers. If the one you choose doesn’t work for you, it’s ok to consider other options. The most important factor when choosing a career is that you stay true to YOU!