Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs)

What are Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)?

Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI) are colleges with greater than 25% of their undergraduate enrollment identifying as Hispanic or Latinx. This designation makes HSIs eligible for government funding which provides students with resources for student success.

Dating back to the 1980’s, Hispanic Serving Institutions have a long history in educational achievement. The effort was first recognized when institutions in Texas and New Mexico started enrolling a large number of students who identify as Hispanic or Latinx. In 1986, the foundation, (HACU) Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, led the movement to coin the term HSI as an institution accredited to helping achieve higher education for Hispanic and Latinx students. Congress finally recognized the efforts in 1992 and created federal operations to instill funding for universities that serve this purpose.

What do Hispanic Serving Institutions offer?

A Diverse Environment

HSI provides an environment where students from all backgrounds can thrive. HSI communities are determined to protect the rights and ensure that all students receive the same quality education.

Student Support Services

HSI implement an array of services related to financial and career development, academic help, and personal support to help their students succeed and prosper in an academic environment.

Faculty and Curriculum Development

Hispanic serving institutions distribute support in areas of curriculum development to improve the learning environment for Hispanic and Latinx students.

Which HSI is right for you?

According to the Higher Education Act of 1965, an HSI receives federal funding if it fulfills certain qualifications. It as to be a non-profit university and offer a degree program that consists of at-least two years. It must be an accredited institution by the Department of Education, account for students that need assistance through HSI programs, and have an enrollment of at least 25% Hispanic and Latinx population.

Since students might also apply to a HSI based off available assistance resources, it’s important to note that not all HSI’s have the same offerings. A Hispanic Serving Institution receives federal funding by applying for certain grants that serve the student population best. Since there are quite a few of federal grant opportunities, universities usually only apply for two or three to help in the specific areas of interest that need assistance. It’s important to research which programs at the university are available for the students before making a final decision.

Where to find a HSI?

There are currently over 250 accredited schools in 20 different states that have been designated as an HSI. The trick is to find one that’s right for you in a location that you desire. For more information, check out this list of Hispanic Serving Institutions.