5 Questions to Ask Your High School Counselor

Your high school counselor is one of the most valuable resources at your school. They can help you choose classes, find school activities, prepare for college and a career, and even support your mental health. It’s easy to get so involved with your friends and schoolwork that you forget your counselor is available to help. Now is a great time to schedule a meeting with your counselor! If you’re nervous or unsure where to begin, these questions will help break the ice. 

Which classes do I need to take to graduate?

Take full advantage of your counselor’s knowledge, and remember they’re professionals in this kind of thing! When you meet up with them, ask them which classes will put you on track for graduation. It’s NEVER too early!

Can you tell me about some of the school’s extracurricular activities? 

One of the most exciting aspects of high school is having the freedom to make choices that support your interests and goals. There’s no better time to branch out and try new hobbies, discover new passions, and make new friends! 

Your counselor can tell you how to get involved in your school’s extracurricular activities and which ones look good on college applications. If something sounds fun, get all the details, and make it happen!

How do I manage stress, especially when I’m struggling in my classes?

We get it. High school is INSANELY stressful at times. Your school counselor is the perfect person to go to if you’re struggling with stress. If you’re having a hard time in your classes, your counselor may offer resources, like tutoring or office hours with a particular teacher. Don’t hesitate to confide in them about personal challenges at home unrelated to school. It doesn’t hurt to ask for help. Your school should have tools in place to help you succeed.

How do I start exploring college and career paths?

You can explore college and career paths through internships, volunteering, and extracurriculars. Your counselor will likely have information about local opportunities for students. By exploring different careers, you can see which ones interest you most.

Which AP courses would you recommend for me?

Advanced Placement (AP) classes aren’t one-size-fits-all. If your school offers AP courses, ask for more information. AP options are typically available starting your sophomore year. When you express interest in these classes, your counselor can help pick ones that make sense for you and find time in your schedule to make them work.

Establish a relationship with your school counselor as soon as possible. They are there to help you, and they will offer a listening ear!