8 Hands-On Ways to Help Your Teen Succeed in High School

Student in a pink shirt sitting in front of their computer with their two guardians.

You play a big part in helping your teen succeed in high school. Even though teens crave independence, they also want to know you’re still available and care about their success. Here are eight ways to help your teen succeed while giving them the freedom to spread their wings.

1. Keep the Communication Lines Open

Asking what your teen wants and needs to feel successful will help you stay connected and build trust. Actively listen, ask open-ended questions, and show genuine interest in their school and social lives.

2. Explore the School and the Website

Visit your teen’s school (back-to-school night is a great opportunity). Check out their classrooms, lunch area, and where they spend their day. If you familiarize yourself with the school’s layout, you can better relate when you talk about their day. 

The school’s website has lots of important information like calendars, staff contacts, and extracurricular schedules. Your teen’s school may also have a Google Classroom or another site where you can find teacher resources, assignments, and grades.

3. Support Homework Responsibilities

As homework gets more involved, help your teen find a quiet space to finish it. Talk with them about class loads and how to balance their schedule. Encourage them to ask for help if they need it.

4. Develop Organizational Skills

Help your teen learn how to stay organized, manage time effectively, and complete tasks. Show them how to create calendars, prioritize to-do lists, and keep their study area free of clutter.

5. Teach Them Study Techniques

If your teen understands basic study techniques, they’ll be a more successful student. If they’re overwhelmed by their schedule, help them break down tasks into manageable chunks. Encourage them to take notes and practice tests. Remind them that a good night’s sleep is usually more effective than late-night cramming.

6. Start the Day Strong

Help your student understand the importance of sleep and how to build it into busy schedules and early school start times. Offer healthy breakfast options to help boost your teen’s energy and focus. Many states now offer free breakfast and lunch to students. Check with your school to see if they offer this program.

7. Attend School Events and Conferences

Attend back-to-school nights and parent-teacher conferences so you’re familiar with your teen’s teachers and the school’s expectations. When you have regular communication with teachers, you can easily ask questions and address concerns.

8. Prioritize Attendance

Consistent attendance helps your teen stay on top of their classes and homework. You can explain that unless they are genuinely sick, going to school will help them avoid the stress of falling behind. If you notice their reluctance to attend school, try and talk to them about this stress. You can always talk with school administrators or counselors if necessary.


Try out a few of these strategies! They’ll help create a foundation that supports your teen’s holistic development and success throughout their high school journey.