Cracking into the Social Scene: A Guide to Navigating New Friendships

If the thought of making new friends after high school gives you butterflies, we’ve got your back. Here are some insider tips to help you rock your new social scene!

Tap into your resources.

Colleges and workplaces are full of opportunities to connect. There are entire jobs on-campus and in the workplace whose purpose is to help you connect socially. If you’re headed to college, check out the Student Activities Center or Student Affairs office on campus for clubs, jobs, and hangout spots tailored to your interests. There are plenty of like-minded people eagerly waiting to meet you!

Face your fears. 

Take it one step at a time. Identify your social worries and visualize yourself overcoming them. Preparation is key to conquering your fears, so prepare a game plan or self-care routine for when you start feeling anxious. 

Find your crew 

Join groups that align with your passions. Whether it’s a beekeeping club, an identity-focused organization, or a podcast enthusiasts’ gathering, you’ll instantly have common ground with your fellow members. Let your interests lead the way!

Break the ice. 

Feeling uncomfortable? Chances are others are too. Take the initiative and strike up a conversation. You’ll be surprised how relieved and grateful others will be for your outreach. Be the friendly face that makes someone’s day!

Lean on your support system. 

Keep your friends from high school or family back home in the loop about your college or workplace experiences. If times get tough, they’ll be there to support and cheer you on. Remember, it takes a village!

Step outside your comfort zone.

Building connections takes time and trust. If you’re in college, spend time in common areas on campus or try sitting with different people during meals. If you’re entering the workforce, invite a colleague out to lunch. Embrace new experiences and watch your social circle expand.

Remember – you don’t have to do this alone! 

If your social worries persist or interfere with your daily life, connect with a professional who can help. Check your health center for counselors and therapists who can provide guidance. 


Building new friendships takes time. Embrace the adventure and start making those lifelong connections!