8 College Superstitions

No matter if you believe in superstitions, going to college can come with some pretty bizarre traditions and rituals. Check out these college superstitions from campuses all over the country!

1. The Alma Mater Statue at Columbia University

Located in the center of Columbia’s campus is a statue of the goddess, Minerva, that goes by the name “Alma Mater.” Created by Daniel Chester French, the statue is known as a symbol for Columbia University. Within the folds of her robe, there is a hidden owl. There are various legends about what happens to those who find the owl on their own, the most common being that you will receive straight A’s. 

2. The 4.0 Ball at UC Berkeley

On UC Berkeley’s campus, there is a stone ball in front of the Campanile that is more than a century old. It is believed that rubbing the stone before taking an exam will bring you good luck. Students refer to this statue as the 4.0 ball.

3. The Athena Sculpture at Bryn Mawr College

During finals week at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, you can find students leaving gifts by the Athena Sculpture in Thomas Great Hall. In hopes that Athena will help them succeed in their finals, students will adorn the sculpture with flowers, candy, jewelry, notes, poems, and gifts. If you give, you shall receive, right?

4. The Van Wickle Gates at Brown University

At Brown University, the grand Van Wickle Gates on Quiet Green open only twice a year. Once when first-year students walk in and are welcomed during Convocation, and at the end of the year when graduating seniors pass through during Commencement. According to superstition, any student who passes through the gates more than twice in their time at Brown will be cursed with bad luck for all eternity.

5. The Kissing Arches at the University of Delaware

For sweethearts at the University of Delaware, the kissing arches on either side of Memorial Hall will seal your fate as “Double Dels.” Between 1914 and 1945, The Green split two schools: Delaware College and the Women’s College. When students from both schools said goodnight before heading back to their residence halls in time for curfew, dates would kiss under the arches.

6. The Shoe Tree at Murray State University

For couples at Murray State University in Kentucky, nailing your shoes (one from each person) to a specific tree will make you lovers for life. The college superstition began in the 60’s and the school is now on its third tree, the first two were unfortunately struck by lightning.

7. The Pegasus Seal at University of Central Florida

If you find yourself studying at the University of Central Florida, you will know not to step foot on the Pegasus Seal in the Student Union. Legend states that if you do, you won’t graduate. The only time a student can set foot on the seal is after walking at graduation. 

8. The Albino Squirrels at UT Austin

At the University of Texas at Austin, students constantly keep their eyes peeled for albino squirrels while walking around campus. A glimpse of this unique creature is believed to guarantee an A on your next exam. These squirrels are not actually albino, but are characterized as the rare white fox squirrels protected by a campus organization called Albino Squirrel Preservation Society. 

Whether you are superstitious or just a little stitious, campus superstitions do an excellent job of bonding students together!