Being Seen in College Applications: Four Strategies After Supreme Court Ruling on Race-Conscious Admission

In a recent landmark decision, the Supreme Court banned race-conscious admission at selective colleges and universities. 

Race-conscious admission is a policy designed to tackle racial discrimination. With this policy, colleges could consider an applicant’s race when evaluating them. Colleges who accept a very low percentage of their applicants used this policy to help address some of the obstacles which may restrict underrepresented students from having equal opportunities in higher education.

Although this ruling prevents colleges from using race as a factor in admissions, it doesn’t stop institutions from reaching out and engaging with students in their effort to create an inclusive and diverse campus. Many colleges are looking for new ways to ensure they have a diverse student body that includes students from many backgrounds and experiences. 

As you navigate your college search, here are a few ways to highlight your diverse experiences and identity into your college applications.

1. Highlight personal growth.📈

Use your application to highlight the hurdles you have overcome. Admissions officers want students who can demonstrate resilience, adaptability, and the ability to learn from setbacks. Sharing personal stories and experiences showcases your character, determination, and the lessons learned along the way.

2. Discuss cultural experiences. 🗺️

Many colleges prioritize creating diverse and inclusive student bodies. Use your application to share stories of heritage, intercultural experiences, and collaboration with diverse communities. These stories will help you stand out and show how you can contribute to the school’s vibrant campus environment.

3. Utilize the power of your essay.💻

If your college application includes an essay portion, your writing submission is a way to express your unique voice and an opportunity to talk about your story, passions, and aspirations. Use your essay to connect your personal experiences with your academic and career goals, showcasing your development and how you’d strengthen the college community.

4. Demonstrate your positive impact.✨

Colleges value students committed to making a positive impact in their communities. Talk about the extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and leadership roles that helped create change and contributed to society. These activities demonstrate your leadership potential and your commitment to positive social change.

Colleges remain committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and access. Applicants for competitive colleges are reviewed based on a combination of their academic performance, citizenship, and life experiences. Highlighting your unique life experiences in your application can help colleges get a better picture of who you are as a person.