10 Bizarre College Clubs

Joining clubs, organizations, and teams in college can be one of the best parts of your experience! It’s not only a great way to meet new friends with similar interests, but it also helps you discover new facets of yourself. We found some of the weirdest college clubs around for you to expand your horizons!

1. The Moustache Club

Carleton College

Although mustaches aren’t required, a deep love of any and all facial hair is a must.

2. The Cheese Club

SUNY Purchase

Cheese lovers unite! If you’re not utterly obsessed with cheese, then you do not belong in this club. At one point in time, this club had a Tumblr called “Eat Cheese or Die” to showcase their devotion.

3. The Hammock Club

Calvin University

Students in this club love to leisurely lounge in hammocks and unwind from intense study schedules.

4. The Rock-Paper-Scissors Club

University of Kentucky

This club isn’t for the faint of heart. Serious competitions are held to determine the ultimate RPS champion each semester.

5. The Squirrel Club

University of Michigan

What started as a joke between friends has grown into one of the most popular clubs on campus. Squirrel watching is taken very seriously in this club, so be prepared to get up close and personal with the squirrels.

6. Free Compliments Club

Tufts University

Students plant themselves outside the school’s library and other buildings across campus to compliment other students walking around. It’s probably the nicest club to ever exist.

7. Clown Nose Club

Penn State University

Wearing a clown nose to spread positivity around campus is normal, right? Well, that’s exactly what the students in this club do! The club has even moved to open a chapter at North Carolina State University!

8. Humans vs. Zombies

Goucher College

It’s basically The Walking Dead, but in real life as a college game between you and your friends. (Goucher isn’t the only college with a HvZ club, but notably the birthplace of the game).

9. Campus People Watchers

University of Minnesota

Put your skill for people watching to the test! In this club, students observe their peers walking around campus and discuss what they saw afterwards.

10. Childish Games Commission

Kalamazoo College

You either played it as a kid or you wish you had! This club dives into all the old favorites including Twister, Capture the Flag, and Slip n Slide!