Benefits of Articulation Agreements

Articulation agreements, also known as transfer agreements, are formal partnerships between two or more colleges. They document a clear path from one program to another. In other words, these partnerships make it easier for you to transfer schools and know your credits will be accepted. Read on to explore the ways articulation agreements may help you achieve your academic goals

Benefits of Articulation Agreements

They simplify college transfers

When institutions work together with transfer agreements, they approve curriculum and ensure their students a seamless transition from one school to the other. You may want to research these agreements between different schools if you plan to transfer. 

You can start at a community college

Many of these agreements take place between community colleges and universities. A student may opt to attend community college for various reasons: to save money, to explore their career interests, or to fit their busy schedules. By attending a community college with an articulation agreement, you give yourself the option to finish your program or degree at a four-year university. If you maintain a certain GPA in community college, many public colleges with partnerships will have guaranteed admission. 

If you are looking at community colleges, pay attention to articulation agreements before committing to one. (Especially if you are hoping to obtain a four-year degree at some point). These partnerships will ensure you are earning credits that could count towards that degree in the future. This will ultimately help you save time and money! 

You have two institutions on your side

When you attend a school that partners with other institutions, you have the ability to keep up with two advisors that want you to succeed. (One at your current school and one at your school of transfer). They are bound to have guidance and insight that will inspire you to do your best. Be sure to regularly communicate and check in with these counselors to make sure you are taking classes that will count for credits at the other school. 

As you can see, there is value in researching articulation agreements during your college search process! You can start by looking at the public schools within your state, for most partnerships exist between schools that are close in location. We hope this helps; good luck!