Encourage for Educators

What We’re Known For​

We partner with student, educator, and community organizations to support all learners, and we’ve been committed to building a path for students to achieve their dreams for over 50 years. ​​We engage with more than 20,000 educators each year to deploy the myOptions Encourage Post-Secondary Planning Program survey. Together with our partners, we serve about 1 million students annually across 5,000 school districts and 13,000 high schools in all 50 states.​

For students, the program is a way to connect with colleges, scholarships, and resources to help them plan their educational and career journeys. To participate, students complete a survey (paper or electronic) and are invited to download the Encourage app. Their account and profile information is pre-populated to make it easier to get started.

Educators participating in the myOptions Encourage Post-secondary Planning Program receive access to interactive reports of their students’ postsecondary plans through myOptions Encourage, our no-cost digital platform. The reports and dashboards visualize data on students’ college planning activities and provide school, state, and national trends — all in one place.

Interactive Dashboards and Reporting

  • Visualize college match and scholarship reports for each participating student.
  • Analyze trends on college and career interests at the student, school, and district levels with a comparison to national benchmarks.
  • Track how your students are progressing through milestone checklists tailored to their grade levels. (Coming Soon!)

With these insights, we empower both educators and students to have informed and purposeful conversations.

Rich and specific student data enables educators to serve their students in a timely manner, while allowing for them to prioritize their valuable time for other critical needs.

Our tools and technologies are not meant to replace human interaction by any means, rather our goal is to help equip educators and make their jobs a tiny bit easier.

Ready to Connect?

Engage with your students as they plan for their futures, and so much more. myOptions Encourage Post-Secondary Planning Program will take educator/student engagement to a new level. Sign up to be the first to know about upcoming myOptions Encourage enhancements.