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myOptions Encourage partners with student, educator, and community based organizations to support all learners. As a result, over 1 million students are served through the survey program each year. Our goal is to help students start thinking about planning for life after high school.

When you participate in the myOptions Encourage survey program, you and those in your network will have the tools, advice, and resources you need to structure the big conversations around college. You’ll also get access to interactive college and career reports that visualize your students’ postsecondary plans and key trends. Most importantly, you’ll be able to support your students and their families with free future-planning tools in the Encourage app.

Discovery towards future goal setting

Benefits to students

We believe all students—regardless of background, income, or zip code—should have access to free and robust college and career planning tools. After students complete a survey, they will be invited to join Encourage, our free college and career planning app. Survey participation enables us to pre-populate students’ accounts with their information, including college matches and scholarship opportunities, to make getting started easier.

Find the right college

Encourage uses student preferences, like affordability, location, social fit, and major interests, to match them with the schools that fit them best.

Find scholarships

Encourage uses students profiles and financial priorities to match them with unique scholarship opportunities.

Prepare for the future

Encourage helps students define their goals, outline their journeys, and set milestones. Tasks—like visit colleges or file the FAFSA—help keep them on track.


Benefits to your organization

There is no cost to you, your students or your members to participate in the myOptions Encourage program.

As a partner organization, you can even customize questions for students and educators in your network. We’ll add your results to an interactive dashboard with comparative local, state, and national data.

Our partners use this data for

  • Program evaluation and feedback
  • Advocacy and policy initiatives
  • Internal communications and strategy planning (including professional development)
  • Fundraising and report writing
  • Membership drives
  • Monitoring student interests and key planning milestones

Survey partnership timeline

We deploy surveys with our partners in the spring and fall of each year.

We are here for you.

myOptions Encourage is part of a non-profit organization. For the past 50 years we have been evolving our products and services to strengthen the link between students and their postsecondary options. Our goal is to create the highest probability of student success. We believe education is the catalyst for individual success and community transformation.

We’re a team of former educators, counselors, and education equity advocates. We are committed to no-cost solutions, building pathways for students to achieve their dreams, and we are evolving and reimagining our products, services, and resources to meet the needs of secondary education students and educators to better impact student success.

Guidance Counselor

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Interested in exploring a partnership with myOptions Encourage? Reach out to our team!

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We’d love to connect to demonstrate our tools, talk over the process, and show the suite of resources and reports available to our partners, students, and the educators who support them.


Encourage for Educators is a free platform that empowers personal connections between students and educators and supports learners in achieving postsecondary success. As learners engage with Encourage, educators will have students’ plans at their fingertips to help guide them.

Educators can monitor how their students are progressing against their milestone checklists and follow their college and scholarship search activities. These insights roll up to dashboards where educators can analyze overall trends and view summary reports at all levels (learner, school, and district) with a comparison to national trends. Access to rich data makes it easier for educators to work toward achieving national levels for program evaluation, advocacy and policy initiatives, internal communications, strategy planning, fundraising, or report writing.