How to Decide Which College to Attend

Choosing a college is one of life’s most exciting decisions! It’s normal to feel nervous and even a little unsure about which college is best for you. Instead of worrying, let the decision-making process empower you. 

You’re in a position that puts you in the driver’s seat of your life. Your college decisions are going to help you achieve your life-long career goals. By answering the following questions, you will get closer to discovering what matters most to you and what school best fits YOU. 

What’s the ideal location for me?

Location matters! Would you be happier in a bustling city? Or a small town? Would you rather stay close to home or move far away? Climate can also be a factor. Are harsh winters a deal breaker for you? Pick a school where you will thrive, both academically and environmentally!

Which size school is the best fit for me?

First, think about the physical size of the school. Do you want a walkable school, or are you ok taking a bus to reach campus? Second, think about the size of the student population. Do you prefer a crowded campus or one where you see familiar faces in each class?

Can I afford it?

Affordability is a crucial piece of the college decision. Evaluate your finances and factor in any financial aid you acquired. 

Are there housing options that fit my lifestyle?

Would you rather live in the dorms or off-campus? Do you prefer your own space, or are you excited about having a roommate? A happy living situation can make a big difference when coming home from a long day of classes.

Does this college offer the major I want?

The school you choose must serve your academic and professional interests. If you aren’t sure of your major, make sure the school you choose has a variety of majors to explore.

Does the school have a robust career services department?

How many students graduate with a job? Look into how the career services center can help you achieve your career goals and connect you to internship opportunities.

What is the campus culture like?

Can you picture yourself on campus? How do students spend their downtime? You’ll only be in classes for an average of 12-16 hours a week, so you’ll have plenty of free time to establish your social life on campus!

What kinds of extracurriculars are offered?

Check out activity fairs on campus, or go online to browse the different groups you can join! Most schools have plenty of extracurricular options, including service-oriented, academic, media/publication, political/multicultural, leadership, and religious/spiritual organizations.

Use these questions to help you evaluate your top colleges. Remember, the choice is yours, and you’re the only person who knows which college is best for YOU!