7 Ways Your Counselor Can Help

You already know how important it is to make your school counselor your BFF, but you may not recognize just how much of a useful resource for you and your family during your time in high school. Their whole intention is to provide support and help you plan and succeed in your future, beyond academics. It’s highly encouraged to visit your high school counselor early and visit them often! Need some motivation to make an appointment? Here are a few reasons why you should consider making some time on your schedule to meet up with your new bestie.

1. Selecting courses and fulfilling graduation requirements

Have questions about class schedules, your transcripts, graduation status, or really… anything? Your counselor has your back. They can help balance your schedule and align you with challenging coursework and electives based on goals to get you right on track.

2. Helping you talk through the tough stuff

Sometimes the stress comes from beyond the books. This looks different for everyone, and if you find it to be a struggle, your counselor is equipped to make sure they’re supporting you through it all. It could be some challenges at home, troubles with interpersonal relationships, or a mental health funk – whatever it is, they’re certified and trained to help guide you through best practices to manage emotions, relationships, and hardships in time of need.

3. Striking a balance

You’ve got a lot going on, and we commend you for all the awesome things that keep you going through the week. A high school schedule is highly underrated! It can be difficult to maintain a balance between schoolwork, meetings, sports, part-time work, volunteering, and social commitments. Your counselor is the ideal coach to guide you as you work out a healthy balance to keep you from burning out.

4. Planning for YOUR future

Everyone’s future is different, and your school counselor is no stranger to the different paths students take post-graduation. Want to join the military? They likely have details for a recruiter to get you in contact with. Need a job right after high school? They can assist with some resume building. Want to attend college or trade school? Guaranteed, they have some insight on how to best get you there. No matter your path, your school counselor may have opportunities for you to explore your options. At the very least, they can ensure that you are progressing towards graduation! 

5. You need a reference, right?

Need we say more? In all seriousness, you need someone to vouch for your excellence. This could be used as a recommendation letter for college or acting as a reference for a job interview. Either way, it’s vital to have an adult in your corner who can attest for your character, work ethic, and overall will to grind.

6. Making big decisions

You’ll have a lot of major decisions to make while in high school, big or small. No matter what, the decisions are in your hands, but your counselor can walk you through some decision-making tips so you can feel confident in making an informed decision.

7. Encouraging you

Most importantly, keep in mind that your school counselor is your biggest fan and cheerleader. It takes some patience, kindness, and a whole lot of love to be a counselor after all. These leaders on campus will always empathize with you through difficult times and clap for you when you win.

Like most things in life, the more effort you put into something, the more you will get out. Your school counselor has so much to give you, all you need to do is communicate what you need. As you build your relationship with your school counselor, don’t forget to thank them for all their help and hard work!